We’re like family.

Our people are the foundation.

Melissa Nunn

Founder & Executive Director

I am a part-time Realtor with 22 years of experience and a mom of 11. I was previously a foster parent.

Seth Nunn

Chairman of the Board & Animal Caretaker

Though pigs hold a special place in my heart, my compassion for animals goes beyond just pigs, and I firmly believe that all living beings deserve to be treated with respect and care.

Donald Stecher

Farm Operations Manager & Animal Caretaker

I am the farm grounds manager at SFFR and also a full-time animal caregiver. My day job is working on the railroad in Owasso.

Mariah Rich

Resource Advisor

I am a resident of Lapeer and a family member and board member of SFFR. My previous board experience in Montana has prepared me for my role as a resource advisor, focused on fundraising and Facebook media.

Jerri Rich

Administrative Assistant

I am a retired registered nurse and now a volunteer administrative assistant at SFFR. I love animals and have one living with me at home.

McKenzie Mitchell

Board Member

I am the next-door neighbor to SFFR and love spending time with the animals as a board member. My almost 2-year-old can’t wait to play in the pastures.

Christopher Urrutia

Farm Assistant

I am from Miami, Florida and moved to Michigan just before the Covid pandemic hit. I now live on the farm and work at a local pickle factory.

Calista Nunn

Founder, Co-Director & Animal Caretaker

I am very passionate about horses and their main caretaker at the rescue. I also care for goats and lambs.

Chloe Nunn

Co-Director, Secretary & Animal Caretaker

I am a passionate bird and chicken lover. I work on the farm and care for the animals, especially my chickens, ducks, and turkeys. I enjoy photography.

Elijah Nunn

Board Member

I am an animal caregiver at the rescue and have previously assisted with rescue efforts. I am now in the Army and will soon be stationed overseas.

Darin Nunn

Co-Director & Treasurer

I work full time in the auto industry and have 11 kids. I was previously a foster parent.

Amanda Ruedisueli

Board Member

I am a board member and volunteer for another rescue organization where I work with orphaned kittens. I love spending time on the farm. “I feel like Snow White when I sit in the pastures!”

Michelle Jones

Board Member

I am an avid animal lover. Years experience of rescuing & fostering dogs. I love goats and cows and hope one day to have my own.

Bobby Morgan

Board Member

I am a long-time friend and coworker of SFFR, and also a board member.

Seeded Faith Farm Rescue is a 100% contribution based, so you know your donation will go directly to our mission of helping vulnerable animals find a loving home. Even if you can only contribute $5 or $10, it can still go a long way toward helping!