Meet Frog (or Froggy), he is a yearling Jack donkey (in-tact) who is friendly, silly, and curious. While he is decent for being lead and loaded, Frog is still a donkey, which means that he leads like a donkey, loads onto trailers like a donkey, picks his feet up like a donkey and stands tied like a donkey. Frog will need a semi-experienced handler since he is still a young donkey that is still learning. He is extremely friendly, silly, talkative, and enjoys any sort of human interaction. Frog does his best in an 24/7 turn-out like setting vs being stalled, but can be stalled if need be.

  • Frog can be adopted out with or without his sire (father), Foghorn.
  • We are uncertain on how Frog behaves around other small livestock.
  • Frog will go home on a gelding contract.

Adoption fee: $450

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Pasture pet / companion | Project

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Small & large equine | 24/7 turn-out pasture setting | Intermediate-to-experienced handler