Loretta is a 7-year-old black American Mini Pig spayed female who weighs between 60-70lbs and is a sweet girl once she gets to know you. Loretta was abused by her previous owner’s ex-husband. Due to this, Loretta would do best in a home where the primary caretaker is a female and is understanding of pig behavior.

She prefers to not be approached suddenly or touched on her head or neck area, as this may very well be a trauma trigger from her past. She does have some arthritis in both of her hips and her lower spine due to old injuries, she is given proscribed Meloxicam once a day for pain management and will always have a funky gait when she walks. Loretta isn’t the cuddle-type of pig, but most defiantly could with lots of love and time. It is preferred, but not a requirement that Loretta is housed indoors, but she can be pastured outside 24/7 as long as she has a warm place to go to in the winter and another friend to cuddle with. Loretta seems to get along with other pigs and is almost always not a fighter with other pigs, as she prefers not to get into scuffles with others. Loretta doesn’t seem to enjoy dogs due to being scared of them, but I’m sure with time, she could become comfortable with them with lots of positive encouragement. Again, she would do best in a female-only type of home or a home where her primary caretaker is a female.

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Pasture pet / companion | Indoor pig | Outdoor pig | Pig companion


Hooves up-to-date | Spayed | Healthy

Good in a home with

Primary female-only caretaker / caregiver / owner | Indoor or outdoor pig | Other pigs

Prefers a home without

Primary male caretaker / caregiver / owner | Young kids / children | Dogs


Trauma / abuse due to past | Arthritis in hips & lower spine (on Meloxicam for pain management)