Sue is a beautiful blue-eyed 4-year-old Nigerian Dwarf goat doe that is very friendly and will follow you around. Sue does great with other animals and other goats. She is best as a pasture pet if you’re looking for pet goats. She is disbudded and up-to-date on her worming and vaccinations.

It is crucial that Sue is never bred again, as it could be life-threatening for her. Her last kidding was dangerous and put her life at risk. Sue suffers from chronic dystocia, a condition where her body does not dilate properly, making it impossible for the kids to be born naturally. This condition poses a serious and common threat to Sue’s life during labor.

  • Sue can NOT be bred, as it is a risk to her life!
  • Sue is up-to-fate on her vaccines and worming.

Adoption fee: $50

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Pasture pet / companion only


Worming up-to-date | Hooves up-to-date | Vaccines up-to-date

Good in a home with

Other goats & small animals

Prefers a home without

In-tact male goats (bucks)


Can NOT be bred due to severe repeated complications