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Every animal that comes into our sanctuary carries a story — some of hope, some of resilience, but all of a need for love and a forever home. Through our sponsorship program, you have the unique opportunity to form a bond with one of our rescued animals and become a vital part of their journey to a better life.

Your sponsorship helps cover the costs of food, medical care, and shelter for your chosen animal. In return, you’ll receive regular updates about their progress and the difference your support is making.

Whether you’re an animal lover, seeking to honor a beloved pet, or looking for a meaningful gift, sponsoring an animal is a powerful way to show you care. Browse our gallery of adorable animals waiting for a sponsor like you and take the first step in changing a life today.



Hey there, awesome humans! I’m Pumba, the coolest pig in town, and I’ve got a snout-tastic proposition for you. Life on the farm was a real bore until my amazing rescue squad came to my rescue! Now, I’m living my best piggy life, but I need a wingman (or sponsor) to keep the good times rolling. Imagine being the VIP behind the scenes of my adventures—helping me oink, snort, and trot through life. Your sponsorship will not only make you the ultimate pig pal but also contribute to my well-being and the fantastic work of my rescue heroes. Let’s hog the spotlight together!



Meet Loretta, the brave little pig with her own story that tugs at the heart. At nearly 8 years old, she journeyed from an out-of-state ordeal, escaping a situation where safety was a distant dream. Battling arthritis in her spine and legs, Loretta is resilient, but the scars of her past still linger. She faces the daily challenge of fitting in and trusting humans. Your sponsorship for Loretta not only provides crucial support for her ongoing care but becomes a lifeline in her journey toward love and trust. Let’s rewrite the narrative of Loretta’s life together, turning her struggles into a story of unconditional love.



Hey fabulous folks! It’s me, Stella, the blue-eyed sensation with a flair for sass and a heart full of love. Life’s a stage, and I’m ready to shine, but I need a partner in crime—someone as bold and beautiful as me! Picture this: you, yes, YOU, becoming the exclusive sponsor of this dazzling diva. Your support ensures my days are filled with glamour, treats, and all the attention I deserve. Let’s create a star-studded partnership that will have everyone talking about the sassy blue-eyed beauty and her incredible sponsor. Ready to make some magic happen?



They call me Nellie, but my full name is Penelope—the sweetest social butterfly in town. I’ve fluttered my way into the hearts of my rescue family, and now I’m on a mission to find the purr-fect sponsor to join my love-filled journey. Imagine being the one who helps me spread joy, warmth, and cuddles wherever I go. Your sponsorship not only makes you the VIP of my cuddle club but also supports the amazing folks who gave me a second chance at a life filled with love. Let’s embark on this heartwarming adventure together!



This is me. Gerard. Apples make me very happy and I love to sit and be loved on too. I am very confused right now but working hard to re-adapt here again. I was at a new home for a brief time but the dogs were just not my forte so these folks st SFFR picked me back up to start all over. I sure do need a long break so I can trust again and get back into my groove again here at SFFR so I am oinking for help to be chosen as someone’s sponsorship. Please pick me.



Hey I’m Holly. I arrived with five sibling, but I’m the last one left, as they’ve found their forever families! But I need to get spayed and I’d love some fun and stimulating toys to play with! 



Greetings, fellow hearts captivated by love! I’m Ladybug, the sweetheart mini with a radiant spirit and a heart full of affection. Despite the world through only one eye, I’ve danced my way into the hearts of many, proving that love sees beyond physical differences. Now, I’m on a quest to find a special sponsor to share in the magic of my journey. Your sponsorship not only supports the joyous adventures of Ladybug, the one-eyed wonder, but also becomes a testament to the beauty of resilience and love that conquers all. Let’s embark on a whimsical journey together, where every beat of Ladybug’s heart echoes the melody of love!



Greetings, horse enthusiasts and kindred spirits! I’m Affegato, the mini stud horse with a tale of rescue, redemption, and boundless gratitude. Saved from the brink of uncertainty by a loving family, I’ve trotted into a new chapter of life, ready to share my spunky spirit with the world. Now, I’m on the lookout for a special sponsor to join me on this heartwarming journey. Your sponsorship not only supports Affegato’s continued joy and well-being but also becomes a part of the legacy of love that brought me here. Let’s create a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of compassion together!



Meet Magnus, the spirited 6-month-old colt with a heart as boundless as the open fields. Despite facing the shadows of a challenging start, Magnus is here to spread joy and love. His journey is a testament to resilience, and now he’s seeking a sponsor to be a part of his tale. Your sponsorship not only supports Magnus’s spirited spirit but also becomes a lifeline, providing him with the care and love he deserves during his time with us. Let’s make every moment count and write a story of love and compassion that echoes far beyond the fields.



Hey urban adventurers and animal lovers! I’m Sheryl, the spirited sheep who traded the hustle and bustle of the busy city streets for a new chapter in life. Found weaving through the urban jungle, I’ve now found a sanctuary where my woolly heart can thrive. In the midst of the city’s chaos, I discovered a love for serenity, and now I’m on the lookout for a sponsor to join me in this pastoral journey. Your sponsorship not only supports Sheryl’s newfound peace and tranquility but also becomes a beacon of hope for city wanderers finding their way home. Let’s turn the cityscape into a heartwarming tale of rescue, resilience, and the simple joys of a sheep named Sheryl

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I’m Dahlia, a special senior donkey with a heart as timeless as the rolling hills. Life has woven a tapestry of memories around me, and now I’m searching for a kindred spirit to join me in this chapter of grace and tranquility. Your sponsorship not only supports a wise and gentle soul named Dahlia but also becomes the comforting presence that accompanies me through the golden moments of my senior years. Let’s walk this peaceful journey together, proving that age only enhances the beauty of a loving heart.



I’m Penelope, the special blind horse here at SFFR just navigating life’s intricate path with courage and love. In the symphony of darkness, I’ve discovered the beauty of trust and connection, and now I’m on the lookout for a special soul to be my guiding star. Your sponsorship not only supports a resilient blind beauty named Penelope but also becomes the gentle hand that guides me through life’s uncertainties with love. Together, let’s illuminate the shadows and write a tale of bravery, proving that even in the absence of sight, the heart sees the beauty in every step.



Hi! We are McDouble & McRib, brothers who just hit the one year mark and are known here as the “McPiggies”. We were rescued by animal control as babies and all our brothers and sister moved off into their new families. We are super bonded and love people! Sponsor us pleaseeeeeee and help our rescue home with our needs!



Hi my name is Louise and I am a two year old potbelly pretty girl who is looking for my very own special sponsor. Could that be you? My family surrendered me because they were moving and I lost my sister I was bonded with at the same time. I’m sad still. You can brighten my future by choosing to sponsor me.



Well hello…I am known as Hamilton or Hammy. My human gave me up after 9 years and I really don’t know what to do with myself. I am adjusting slowly and learning to tolerate these new humans in my life. If you’d help out my new humans and sponsor me that would be such a relief! I love to eat and they need all the help they can get feeding me.



Hi My name is Sparrow, and I am the spirited yearling colt with a heart as boundless as the fields he dreams of running in. I was rescued from an auction where a bad leg threatened to leave me in the wrong hands. I am getting special love & care in my sanctuary here. While his leg injury holds a challenging long-term prognosis, at this very moment, Sparrow is a testament to resilience and life’s fleeting beauty. His pain is under control, and he’s yearning for a short-term sponsor to join him in this chapter of exuberance and joy. Your sponsorship for Sparrow not only ensures his current well-being but also becomes a melody of hope in the symphony of his young life. Let’s make every moment count and create a tale of triumph and temporary sponsorship love with Sparrow!



I’m Tilly, a fluffy bundle of joy born into a world of warmth and compassion. My journey began with my remarkable mom, a brave soul rescued from uncertain circumstances. Now, I’m here to share my lamb-tastic adventures and spread the love that flows through every inch of my woolly existence. I’m on the lookout for a sponsor to be a part of my heartwarming story. Your sponsorship not only supports Tilly’s woolly escapades but also becomes a celebration of love and family.

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Help us help them! Sponsorship is a vital contribution to our mission to allow us the ability to continually provide Sanctuary options for our senior & special needs “residents” here.  It allows people who want to help but are too far away or who are unable to volunteer a significant way to join our effort.

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