Adoptable Animals

Blubber Brubbers

The two Blubber Brubbers (named “Goliath” and “Behemoth”) are a bonded pair of male year-old Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys that follow each other around all day to strut their stuff and gobble. While intimidating, they


Sue is a beautiful blue-eyed 4-year-old Nigerian Dwarf goat doe that is very friendly and will follow you around. Sue is looking for her forever family that’ll spoiler her and give her endless pets!


Pasture pet / companion only


Worming up-to-date | Hooves up-to-date | Vaccines up-to-date

Good in a home with

Other goats & small animals

Prefers a home without

In-tact male goats (bucks)


Can NOT be bred due to severe repeated complications


These are the McPiggies, also known as McRibb and Mcdouble are two neutered Potbelly brothers that weight between 60-75lbs and that are both a year old. These two brothers are bonded and are looking for their forever family!


Gerard is a purebred Juliana pig that weighs between 65-70lbs and is 5-years-old and is looking for his forever family!

Holly – Adopted!

Holly is a curious and friendly Potbelly / Juliana cross piglet seeking for her forever home!