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Seeded Faith Farm Rescue is a 100% contribution based, so you know your donation will go directly to our mission of helping vulnerable animals find a loving home.
Even if you can only contribute $5 or $10, it can still go a long way toward helping!

Who We Are?

Seeded Faith Farm Rescue

Seeded Faith Farm Rescue is a non-profit organization that strives to provide humane shelter and care for equines and other farm animals in need of housing, care, and basic needs. We work to rescue animals from difficult circumstances and provide a clear opportunity for life. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to providing the support and resources necessary to ensure the well-being of all the animals in our care. Our goal is to give every animal a chance at a happy and healthy life, and to promote compassion and kindness towards all living beings. Thank you for supporting our mission and for helping us make a positive difference in the lives of animals in need.


Goat-adoption season is here! Check out our available goats and find your new companion today.


Looking to add an equine to your farm? Browse our available equines and find the perfect match today.


Don't miss your chance to adopt a mini pig and add some of that piggy love to your life! Browse our available mini pigs and find your new companion today.


Looking to add to your flock, look no further as we have some egg-cellent additions available.


Find your new furry friend! Check out our available rabbits and start the adoption process today.

Available for Adoption

Find a new companion

Adoptable pets are updated continuously. Stop by frequently to meet your perfect match.


Mor’du, a 7-year-old Juliana pig, bears signs of past neglect, evident in both behavior and health. Yet, his affection for treats hints at a longing to trust again. An experienced hand, familiar with pig behavior and a home free from young children, would offer Mor’du the safe haven he deserves.


Great companion for another pig


Dewormed | Hooves up-to-date | Neutered

Good in a home with

Someone experienced with pigs | Secured & safe pasture

Prefers a home without



Chronic dry skin


Meet Mocha, a 1-year-old Chestnut Holland Lop bunny who is seeking his forever family!


Pet / companion


Teeth up-to-date

Good in a home with

Children | Other pets

Prefers a home without

Being housed with another bunny / rabbit


Rye is a 6-week-old pure Wheaten Ameraucana cockerel chick that is seeking a forever flock to join. Rye is friendly and would make an amazing future flock protector!



Good in a home with

Children & other pets | Other poultry

Give them a new, loving home they deserve!

At Seeded Faith Farm Rescue, we will do whatever it takes to help animals in need. Our team works tirelessly, 7 days a week, in all kinds of weather and under all kinds of circumstances. We’ve been called upon to rescue animals in all sorts of situations, and we never hesitate to jump into action. By adopting an animal from us, you’re not only giving them a new home, but also making room for another animal in need. We’ve given hundreds of animals a second chance at a happy life with a loving family, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the hard work and dedication of our team. Even when we’re exhausted, dirty, and covered in animal fluids, we keep going because we know that what we do makes a difference in the lives of these animals. We do it all for the love that these animals give us and the knowledge that we’ve helped them find a safe and happy home.

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History and Mission of SFFR

We rely on donations
and animal sponsors. Along with our volunteers.

Seeded Faith Farm Rescue (SFFR) is a nonprofit, volunteer, animal welfare organization involved in the rescue, care and placement of companion animals. Serving Lapeer County and farther since 2020, SFFR has engaged with the community, and in its events on behalf of animals since its inception.

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Donation operated

Allocating your donations in its entirety to the operation

Providing humane treatment

Treating all living beings humanely with kindness.

Advocacy on behalf of animals

Working with local animal control to protect and rescue animals.