Brissa is a 5-year-old Myotonic Fainting goat doe with a more reserved demeanor. While she is friendly towards people, she tends to prefer keeping to herself and doing her own thing. It is recommended that she be placed in a herd with goats larger than her, as she can be aggressive towards smaller goats, especially given that she has horns. Brissa is up-to-date on her worming and vaccinations.

Brissa must not be bred due to severe birth complications. Her last kidding was traumatic, resulting in a twisted and severely torn uterus. Despite extensive time, medication, and healing, it has been determined that Brissa should not be bred again. The twisting and tearing of her uterus have led to the formation of scar tissue, putting her at risk of a full uterine rupture, which is a fatal condition.

  • Brissa must NOT be bred due to severe birth complications!
  • Up-to-date on worming and vaccinations.

Rehoming fee: $50

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Pasture pet / companion only


Up-to-date on worming & vaccinations

Good in a home with

Goats larger than her

Prefers a home without

Smaller goats | Intact male goats (bucks)


Can NOT be bred due to severe birth complications